Basically, counselling is about people talking.A counselling session takes the form of a conversation. The client takes the opportunity to open up and discuss the issues that are causing distress, and which he/she does not feel that they can discuss with anyone else. The counsellor will listen, and offer the core conditions of empathy, non judgement, and honesty. But this will be more than a cosy chat and the counsellor will challenge the client to look at these issues at a deeper level.

I am a Person Centred Counsellor. This model was developed by Carl Rogers, and is based on the premise that we each have the answers to our problems but may need some help in finding them. That is the role of the counsellor.

We find ourselves under pressure from family, friend, employers, even society in general. The counselling room offers a safe, non judgemental environment, in which we can explore who we are and what we want in life.

Counselling can help to reduce the power of past events, build confidence and self esteem, reduce anxiety, find new meaning and understanding in our lives.

How long will it take?

It is different for everyone. Most people benefit from a few sessions, but others may need longer. There will never be any pressure to come more than you feel necessary, and the clients requirements are of prime importance.

Is it for me?

If you are reading this then obviously you have a feeling that you need some help. Before making a firm commitment, why not book an initial consultation and we can discuss your requirements.